Orange Pill Gear

Bitcoin-Only LootBoxes full of highly unique, custom curated orange pill educational materials for distribution to the masses in public & (preferably) high volume areas.

•  Meme Warfare Educational Literature

•  Stamps, Stickers, and Tasty Treats 

•  A Ton of Other Bitcoin Goodies 

Made by the plebs, for the plebs. 🧡 

Let's Go!


To Spread Adoption

Bitcoin doesn’t have a marketing department.

It's just a digital protocol that pays
humans for Proof-of-Work computations.

Tick Tock, Next Block.

And it doesn't need one, either.
Bitcoin is gon' be fine no matter what.

Tick Tock, Next Block.

Tick Tock Next Block


We, The People

The world needs to know Bitcoin.

Many people will never understand "Why Bitcoin?" the way that you, the dear devoted plebs, do... and that's okay, but they could/should at least be holding some.

Save An NPC!


It Starts With You!

Many individuals can be reached to the point of holding a few sats in their own custody ⚡️ They just need repeated exposure and they need to know WHY Bitcoin.

It all starts with you, dear pleb.

e the change you want to see. Take to the streets and BE the Bitcoin marketing department. Our orange pill marketing literature is made to be left behind in public spaces. Tag a scooter, stamp a bill, or drop a brochure at a your local Starbucks. Plant the seed in the minds of your community.

We Are All Satoshi. 🧡

₿e The Change